Sourcing Agents and Full Service Reliable Sourcing

Honest, Patient and Responsible.  We work with integrity to build long standing relationships with each of our customers.


Each of our project managers have excellent communication skills in both English and Mandarin to deal with different people such as factories, forwarders, shipping lines and trading partners to create business and solve issues. We also negotiate trading terms on behalf of our customers.

Product Expertise
With over forty years' experience in Asia, we know how to source the best products for the best price and quality. We have dedicated teams of products specialists in different areas such as paper products, household products, gift and premium, toys, bags, hard goods, etc.  Our expertise proves valuable in helping each of our customers manage the entire supply chain progress from product design and development, sourcing, production planning, quality assurance, and shipping arrangement. Our value is providing a one stop service to our customer that leverages our strengths in custom product design and development.  We consider our office to be the hands and the eyes of our customers in the supply chain process to provide complete solutions.

On behalf of our customers our staff team works with many of the world's leading shipping lines, forwarders and logistics partners. With the extensive experience, we can help customers present potential issues related to container booking, documentation preparation, shipment consolidation and expedited shipping arrangement to ensure that the shipment will be made on schedule.