Your Own Team in the Orient

Associates in Asia
Over the years, we have developed relationships with suppliers throughout Asia. Each supplier is proven as a certified partner prior to expediting any procurement or other services with the supplier. We significantly reduce the risk of any corporation by managing and knowing our supplier strengths and weaknesses. You save time and money while focusing on your core business operations.

We are your partner for taking new products and ideas to the high growth markets of China. Entry into these markets can be a challenge, however, as it requires an understanding of the complex regulations and local partnerships needed to be successful. So we were awarded by Target the “Partner Award of Excellence” and the “Vendor of The Year” in 2007.

We have U.S. office that can collaborate closely with your local U.S. team to make sure your needs are understood and met in real time.  This information is channeled back to our Asian team and communicated with the factory in the fastest way possible.