ANCO China Limited, an Asian procurement agent, is a subsidiary of ANCO Far East, an American-based company established in 1965 by Mr. Charles Anderson and Mr. James Yu. ANCO China was originally formed to alleviate the quickly growing Asian sourcing needs of the Anderson Group of Companies. For more than 40 years, the company has purchased procured products for clients in North and South America, from such diverse geographies as Japan, South Korea, Greater China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and India.

In 1916, Mr. Clyde Anderson founded Anderson Books and News, his first business. Today, after almost a century, the Anderson group of companies has grown to include: Anderson Media, Anderson Merchandisers, Anderson Press (which includes Whitman Publishing, Piggy-Toe Press and Dalmatian Press), TNT Fireworks, and Books-A-Million—the group’s only publicly traded company.

After 32 years of successfully sourcing exclusively for the Anderson Companies, ANCO China opened its supply chain management and procurement services to both privately-held and publicly-traded non-Anderson companies. The client base has quickly grown, with current customers in North and South America, including Thomas Nelson Publishing, Madacy Entertainment, Timeless Music, and MTV Networks. This strong history is the result of the company’s tireless employees and loyal customers, and these will be the pillars that keep Anco China a frontrunner in global supply chain management.